LQ-INK Flexo Printing UV Ink for labeling printing

LQ Flexographic Printing UV Ink is appropriate to self-adhesive labels, in-mold labels (IML), roll labels, tobacco packing, wine packing, composite hoses for toothpaste and cosmetic, etc. Suitable for various “narrow” and “medium” UV (LED) flexographic drying presses.

Products Details

1.PE、PP、PVC and coated PE、PP、PS 、PET. 2.Gold, silver and coated carton board, laser jam, aluminum foil, Tyvek, coated thermal paper, etc. 3.Surface free energy for all substrates: ≥38m N/m. (If < 38m N/m, corona treatment should be made within 3 days before pressing).
Viscosity 800-1200(25ºC, Rotary Viscometer)
Solid content ≥99%
Light resistance Level 1-8
Package 5kg/bucket or 20 kg/bucket
Expiration Within 6 months
1. Safe and reliable. Flexographic UV ink is solvent-free, nonflammable and does not pollute the environment. It is suitable for packaging and printing materials with high hygienic conditions such as food, beverage, tobacco, alcohol and drugs. 2. Good printability. Flexographic UV ink has high printing quality, does not change physical properties in the printing process, does not volatilize solvents, has stable viscosity, is not easy to paste and stack plates, can be printed with high viscosity, strong inking force, high dot definition, good tone reproducibility, bright and bright ink color, and is attached to Mou Gu. It is suitable for fine product printing. 3. Instant drying. Flexographic UV ink can be instantly dried, with high production efficiency and wide application range. It has good adhesion on different printing carriers such as paper, aluminum foil and plastic. Prints can be stacked immediately without adhesion. 4. Excellent physical and chemical properties. The curing and drying of flexographic UV ink is the process of photochemical reaction of ink, that is, the process from linear structure to network structure, so it has many excellent physical and chemical properties, such as water resistance, alcohol resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance and so on. 5. Save consumption. Since there is no solvent volatilization and the active ingredient is high, it can be almost 100% converted into ink film, and its dosage is less than half of that of water-based ink or solvent-based ink, which can greatly reduce the cleaning times of printing plate and anilox roller, and the comprehensive cost is low. 6. Basically free of organic solvents. The solid content of flexographic UV ink is basically 100%, and all the active monomers used for dilution participate in the light curing reaction. Moreover, the energy used for light curing is electric energy, without using fuel oil and natural gas, which is very environmentally friendly. 7. Low temperature curable. Flexographic UV ink can avoid the damage caused by high temperature to various thermal substrates, and is most suitable for the printing of various thermal printing materials. 8. good printability. The printing process does not change the physical properties, the dot increase rate is small, and the printing quality is excellent. It is obviously superior to traditional ink in gloss, clarity and color saturation. 9. Energy saving. UV ink only needs the radiant energy used to excite the luminescent initiator, and the liquid ink can be cured through instantaneous photochemical reaction; The traditional thermosetting requires heating, which consumes a lot of energy. Generally, the energy consumption of thermal curing is 5 times that of UV curing.

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