LQ-FILM Supper Bonding Film (For Digital Printing)

Supper bonding thermal lamination film is especially used in laminating digital printed materials which are of silicone oil base and other materials which require sticking adhesion effect, special for digital printing with thicker ink and much silicone oil. This film is suitable to be used on printed materials utilizing digital printing machines, such as Xerox(DC1257, DC2060, DC6060), HP, Kodak, Canon, Xeikon, Konica Minolta, Founder and others. It also can be laminated very well on the surface of non-paper material, such as PVC film, out-door advertising inkjet film.

Products Details

Base film Gloss and Matt BOPP
Thickness 30micron
Width 310,320,330,457,520,635mm
Length 200m, 500m, 1000m
1. The coated products with melt type pre coating will not appear foaming and film falling, and the service life of the products is long. 2. For the coated products with solvent volatile pre coating, film falling and foaming will also occur in places where the printing ink layer is relatively thick, the pressure of folding, die cutting and indentation is relatively large, or in the environment with high workshop temperature. 3. Solvent volatile precoating film is easy to adhere to dust and other impurities during production, thus affecting the surface effect of coated products. 4. Film coated products will not curl basically.1. The film thickness is between 0.01-0.02MM. After corona or other treatment, the surface tension should reach 4.0 x 10-2n / m, so as to have better wetting and bonding properties. 2. The treatment effect of film corona treatment surface is uniform, and the higher the transparency, the better, so as to ensure the best clarity of the covered print. 3. The film shall have good light resistance, not easy to change color under long-term light irradiation, and the geometric dimension shall be maintained stable. 4. The film shall be in contact with solvents, adhesives, inks and other chemicals, and the film shall have certain chemical stability. 5. The appearance of the film shall be flat, free of irregularities and wrinkles, bubbles, shrinkage cavities, pits and other defects.

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