LQ-TOOL Cabron Stainless Steel Doctor Blade

Doctor blade has extremely high toughness and super abrasion resistance, smooth and straight edge, excellent performance in scraping ink, and excellent mechanical properties, which can perfectly embody high-speed and long-lasting printing. During use, it can ensure good contact with the surface of the printing plate without sanding to achieve the best scraping effect.

Products Details

W20/30/35/40/50/60mm*T0.15mm W20/35/50/60mm*T0.2mmCarbon steel, stainless steel, carbon steel coating.1. The hardness is 580HV+/-15, the tensile strength is 1960N/mm, and the cylinder is not easy to wear. 2. Widely used in gravure and flexo printing 3. Use Swedish high-quality steel belt to produce and manufacture with unique high-precision technology. 4. Each box is 100M, and the patented anticorrosive plastic box packaging makes the quality more stable and durable. There is no need to open the box during use, and it is ready to use.The following information must be known before selecting scraper: 1. Types of printing: intaglio, flexographic 2. Printing substrate: paper, plastic film, aluminum foil, etc 3. Ink characteristics: soluble, water-based, coating adhesion1. When you open the packing box and pull it out, please hold the knife body to prevent being scratched by the knife edge. 2. Check and clean the scraper. 3. The side with the knife edge must face upward. 4. The scraper must be clamped in the standard tool holder. The knife lining and the tool holder should be clean without residual ink hard block, so as to ensure the perpendicularity of the scraper after clamping. 5. For the distance between the ink scraper, the knife lining and the knife holder, please refer to the installation dimensions in the figure below. The correct installation of the scraper can prevent the breakage of the edge of the ink scraper and prolong the service life of the ink scraper.

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