LQ-INK Water-based Ink for paper production printing

LQ Paper Cup Water-Baesd Ink is appropriate to simple coated PE, double coated PE, Paper cups, paper bowls, lunch boxes and so on.

Products Details

1. Environmental protection: because flexographic plates are not resistant to benzene, esters, ketones and other organic solvents, at present, flexographic water-based ink, alcohol-soluble ink and UV ink do not contain the above toxic solvents and heavy metals, so they are environmentally friendly green and safe inks. 2. Fast drying: due to the fast drying of flexographic ink, it can meet the needs of non absorbent material printing and high-speed printing. 3. Low viscosity: flexographic ink belongs to low viscosity ink with good fluidity, which enables the flexographic machine to adopt a very simple anilox stick ink transfer system and has good ink transfer performance.
Color Basic color (CMYK) and spot color (according to the color card)
Viscosity 10-25 seconds/Cai En 4# cup (25℃)
PH value 8.5-9.0  
Coloring power 100%±2%
Product appearance Colored viscous liquid
Product composition Environmentally friendly water-based acrylic resin, organic pigments, water and additives.
Product package 5KG/drum, 10KG/drum, 20KG/drum, 50KG/drum, 120KG/drum, 200KG/drum.
Safety features Non-flammable, non-explosive, low odor, no harm to the human body.
1. Fineness Fineness is a physical index to measure the particle size of pigment and filler in ink, which is directly controlled by the ink manufacturer. Users can generally understand it and cannot change its size in use. 2.Viscosity Viscosity value will directly affect the quality of printed matter, so the viscosity of water-based ink should be strictly controlled in flexographic printing. The viscosity of water-based ink is generally controlled within the range of 30 ~ 60 seconds / 25 ℃ (paint No. 4 cup), and the viscosity is generally controlled between 40 ~ 50 seconds. If the viscosity is too high and the leveling property is poor, it will affect the printability of water-based ink, which is easy to lead to dirty plate, paste plate and other phenomena; If the viscosity is too low, it will affect the ability of the carrier to drive the pigment. 3.Dry Because the speed of drying is the same as the viscosity, which can be directly reflected in the quality of printed matter. The operator must understand the drying principle in detail in order to reasonably allocate the drying time of water-based ink according to the different products or substrates. While ensuring the good drying of water-based ink, we must also consider the moderate viscosity or stable pH value. 4.PH value Aqueous ink contains a certain amount of ammonium solution, which is used to improve its stability or enhance the water resistance after printing. Therefore, pH value is one of the important indicators. The pH value of water-based ink when leaving the factory is generally controlled at about 9. The pH value of the machine can be adjusted or controlled between 7.8 and 9.3

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