LQ-S100 paper cup machine

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Cup Size Range
LQ-S100 paper cup machine3 Cup Bottom Diameter:
Min 35mm~Max 75mm
Cup Top Diameter :
Min 45mm~Max 100mm
Cup Height :
Min 30mm~Max 115mm
Bottom Knurling Depth:
Min 4mm~Max 10mm
(popular 5mm)
Top Curling Rim Diameter :
Popular about 2.5Φ~3Φ
Model High Speed Simple Model Ultrasonic Paper Cup Machine YB-S100
Paper Cup Size 2 -12 OZ (Mould exchangeable, Max Cup Height: 115mm, Max
Bottom width: 75mm)
Rated Speed 100-110pcs / min ( Speed affected by cup size , paper quality
thickness )
Raw Material One or Two side PE coated Paper ( Popular for Hot and Cold drink
Cups )
Suitable paper
Paper Source 50/60HZ,380V/220V
Total Power 5KW
Total Weight 2500KG
Pacl Size(L*W*H) 2200*1350*1900mm (machine size)
900*700*2100mm ( collecting table size)
Cup side Welding Ultrasonic heater
Quality Brand electric System like Delta . SchneiderControl panel with good quality switches , temperature controller and speedconverter. All the operation of machine can be finished easily by this panel
Touch screen 1 Delta
Inverter 1 Delta
Step driver 1 Shenzhen Xinghuo
Temperature module 1 WK8H
PLC 1 Delta
Ultrasonic 1 Kejian
Switching Mode Power Supply 1 Mingwei
Solid state relay 6 Yangming
Air switch 5 CHNT
AC contactor 4 Schneider
Photoelectric switch 8 Sick/Panasonic
Miniature relay 6 OMRON
Encoder 1 OMRON
PLC DC amplifier board 1 OMRON
Phase sequence protector 1 CHNT
Two cooling fans, two fans can make the paper fan cooling faster, make the cup fan better sealingThis model is equipped with 10 Cup molds, which operates faster than the old 8 Cup moldsThe new design adds a bottom heating system more than the old design which make the paper cup sealing effect is more better.Large and thick central shaft makes machine run stably at high speed without shakingNew design : The steel plate presses the bottom paper to make the paper feeding more stably and smoothlyThe whole machine adopts automatic oil lubrication system( oil circulation system is including oil motor,filter, copper pipe )which makes all gear moving parts working at high speed much more smoothly and greatly Improve the service life of spare partsIntegrated steel board: The operation board is large and thick integrated steel board, more
durable and easy to clean
Delivery parts list:
Product name and quantity
One copper head
electric heating
One 10 inch
sliding wrench
Three small
Heating and
preheating one
main hot ring
Two heating
Bearing 5204 +
knurled wheel
one set
One set of Allen
One set of
external hexagon
wrench 8-10
12-14 17-19
Six foot screws
One oil bottles
One Measuring
One cross
One Hammer One machine
One pieces of
adhesive tape
Ring wrench
12-14, 17-19, 1
One pliers Three
skin aspirating
Eight socket
head screws, 6,
8, 10 and 12
nut flat pad

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