LQ-12 Paper Cup Making Machine

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------Quotation: LQ-12 paper cup machine ex factory price excluding tax and freight is
------Packing type: Wooden base plate, damp proof plastic lining, fully-closed plate-box external
------Delivery time: 40 days after receive the payment of deposit
------Payment: Deposit 30% by T/T in advance, delivery against payment of 70% balance after qualified
------Leave factory testing: before leaving factory, equipment should be tested by both parties. Test
material offered by buyer
------Installation: we will send 1 technicians for machine ’ s installation and debugging according to
customer’s requirement; the technician’s board and lodging and the round-trip airplane ticket expense
undertakes by the buyer,additional service charge USD80.For each technician/one day, estimate 5-7
working days
------Guarantee period: Guarantee period is 12 months after getting the machine
------The supplier shall provide the service:(after pay the machine)
------the supplier to send adjustment of installation and commissioning
------the supplier direct buyer's technical personnel operating the machine
------The buyer shall provide the facilities and preparations:(Delivery machine to finish)
Adress:24th Floor, No. 511 JinchengMansion, Tianmuxi Road, Shanghai 200070, China
------foundation and adapter power supply water and compressed air pipe and related projectsOur newly designed paper cup forming machine is a fully automatic paper cup forming machine, which can produce different sizes of paper cups with a series of continuous process, including automatic paper feeding through more than 2 times, paper anti-withdrawal device (to ensure accurate positioning), ultrasonic welding, transferring paper fan by magic hand, silicone oil lubricating, bottom punching, bottom folding, bottom pre-heating, bottom knurling, cup discharging. The machine, researched and developed by our company, is improved in stability after comprehensive technical improvements. Main Technical Specification
Model Automatic Paper Cup Machine
Paper Cup Size 40ml-16oz(Mould changeable)
Raw Material 150-350g/㎡(One-side or Two-side PE (polyethylene) film coated /
laminated paper)
Suitable paper weight 150-350 g/㎡
Productivity 70-85 Pcs /Min
Power Source 220V/380V 50Hz
Total Power 4 KW
Total Weight 1870KG
Package Size(L x W x H) 2100x1230x1970mm(LxWxH)
Working Air Source 0.4-0.5m³/min
Making Double PE coated paper cups, need to buy an air compressor
Detailed Information 1. Three times paper feedingPaper can be well adjusted with three times feeding process, avoid the irregularity during folding paper fan.
2. Sensor AlarmingEncoder and the sensor control the machine at the same time, one paper fan match one bottom, no waste.
Failure warning, machine stopped automatically.
3. PLC touch screen controlled.

Several fan installed, help machine keep suitable temperature when working

5. Self-lubrication system.

Maintaining oil go to machine every part needed, no need worker spraying oil manually.

More easier for operating and more accurate.

4.Fan for heat dissipation.

Waste paper discharged by the tube. When the machine working, avoid the waste paper enter the
machine inside part, affect machine running.

7. Ultrasonic installed inside machine

Machine is sheave drive connected, no easy to be loosen when machine working.

6. Waste paper conveying.

When give the bottom paper, sometimes the bottom paper will be turned over, cannot match the paper fan
well, this machine shorten the process, give bottom directly, avoid the problem.

9. Machine electrical configuration

Photoelectric 441 (Panasonic)
Button (Schneider)
Touch screen (delta)
PLC (delta)
Frequency converter (delta)
Small relay (Schneider)
Solid state relay (Mingyang,Taiwan)
AC contactor (Schneider)
Air switch

In this model machine, we installed the ultrasonic inside the machine, decrease the space occupied.

8. Bottom Cutting.

Delivery parts list:
Product name and quantity
1 copper head electric heating rod
One 10 inch sliding wrench
3 small springs
Heating and preheating 1 main hot ring each
2 heating pipes Bearing 5204 + knurled wheel 1 set
1 set of Allen wrench
1 set of external hexagon wrench 8-10 12-14 17-19 22-24
6 foot screws M18
1 oil bottles
1 Measuring pencil
1 cross screwdriver
Hammer 1
1 machine wrench
1 pieces of adhesive tape
Ring wrench 12-14, 17-19, 1 each
1 pliers
3 skin aspirating (transparent)
8 socket head screws, 6, 8, 10 and 12
12 nut flat pad
12 nuts 5 PCs. 10 PCs
Instruction manual: 1
One frequency converter manual

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